Disciple Toru Nitadori


1989. Born in Hokkaido
2010. Graduated from Hakodate National Colledge of Technology
2012. Graduated from Muroran Institute of Technology
2014. Completed master’s degree at Muroran Institute of Technology
2014. Joined Nikon Co.
2018. Joined Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers and worked at University in Tanzania
2020. Started Training at Mizuno Kanna Factory



Nitadori playing rugby
Rugby competition


Bicycle trip (completed around Japan)
Searching for chameleons in Tanzania (20 out of 40 species in Tanzania found)
Making bacon
Android app development
Campsite and hot spring map
Reflected light exposure meter
WEB page development
This website
Chameleon information site

Self making shelf
Self making shelf

Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer

I became a volunteer of mechanical engineering and volunteered as a teacher of mechanical engineering department at Mbeya University of Science and Technology in Mbeya, Tanzania.
I mainly taught micro-computers, PLCs (both control devices), and programs.
During the holidays, I went to the mountains to look for chameleons.

Class at Mbeya
Class at Mbeya
Meller chameleon found in Tanzania
Meller chameleon found in Tanzania

To become a inheritor of Echigo Yoita Uchihamono

Started training from Oct, 2020.

Self made Kanna
Self made Kanna
Self made Kanna
Self made Kanna

The Reason Why I Select This Job

I wrote the reason on a post. please check it.