Hello. This is Nitadori.

Nice to meet you.
My name is Nitadori.


From now on, in order to become the inheritor to Echigo Yoita Uchihamono, I was allowed to become a disciple of Mizuno Kanna Factory.

 I found out about this inheritor training project in an ad in an Instagram story (the one that posted disappears?) In June 2020. when I returned from Tanzania, where I was working as a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer in March, and I was looking for a job, an advertisement came out by chance, and I thought that this must be a fun job, so I applied immediately.

 In this project, a selection and experience session was held at Mizuno Kanna factory from June to August 2020, and I participated for three days from June 29 to July 1. At the experience session, we were able to experience the difficulty and enjoyment of the blacksmith’s work by going through the production of planes from the beginning to the end.

 After that, on August 28, I received a call from Mr. Horiguchi who is representative of citizen group “Sorahito Hiyori” who is supporting this project and Mr. Mizuno. At this time, I was full of joy and excitement.

I came from Hokkaido to Niigata on September 29th by ferry and came to Yoita by train and bicycle. And from October 1st, training began at Mizuno Kanna Factory.

The Reason Why I Chose This Job

 As mentioned on my profile page, after studying mechanical engineering at college, I worked for a precision equipment manufacturer for about three and a half years, and then I went to a university in Tanzania as Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer, and volunteered for two years as a mechanical engineering teacher.

  People often ask me, “Why did you become a craftsman even though you went to graduate school?”, But for me this choice was not particularly strange.

Originally I wanted to make a product, so I studied mechanical engineering, but in my previous job I wasn’t assigned to the department I wanted to do. It can’t be helped in a big company, but I couldn’t feel that I was making a product because the work was vertically subdivided, and I was spending my days in agony. At first, as a common teaching that new members of society should work for three years, I was thinking of working for three years and then changing jobs. After that I found an advertisement for Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers in an advertisement for a train and applied as I could think of. After successfully passing the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers and spending two years in Tanzania and returning to Japan, I wonder if I should join a small engineering company that designs and manufactures machinery and equipment, or aim for a craftsman like this time, in order to enjoy consistent manufacturing.

 To become a craftsman, I thought it would be better to go directly to the factory and hit the gate. However, due to the influence of this new coronavirus, I gave up going to various places and tried to make inquiries on the Internet, but there were some places where I could not apply due to age restrictions. Therefore, I once gave up the path of becoming a craftsman and was looking for a job at an engineering company like the one mentioned above, but at that time I found an Instagram advertisement for a successor development project, and it was so fateful that this was already fate. I applied immediately.

 Personally, I think that a job that enables consistent manufacturing is thought to be the best part of manufacturing, and in addition to raising me from scratch without any skills, I also provide subsidies so that I can live a minimum life. I think that I was able to enter a very blessed environment. It’s a luxury that lets me do what I want.

Did you have any opposition from your parents?

 This is also often asked since I came to Yoita, but there was no opposition. Rather, I just told them that I go without getting permission. They didn’t say anything at that time, so they may think that it’s useless to stop from my words and actions so far.

 It is also often said, “I was sent to graduate school, but do you do this kind of work?” All of them are national and public, but the tuition fees to graduate school are high, so I am very grateful. I imagin that my parents would support me if I am doing what I want to do, so decided to go this way.

 I also think that I was raised relatively rigorously when I was a child, but thanks to that, I think I can stand this training no matter how hard it, so I am grateful for that as well.

About the future

 The training period will be up to 5 years from October 2020. The teacher is basically supposed to give guidance on a regular basis. It is said that it usually takes 15 years to become a full-fledged person, but it is trained as soon as possible with luxurious guidance.

 As a successor to Echigo Yoita Uchihamono, there is also Mr. Shimada who came as a Local Vitalization Cooperator, and so far we will do our best to inherit the technology of Echigo Yoita Uchihamono.

 From now on, I would like to keep a record of how I grow on this site. Thank you for your support.